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Just for your info...

I think now is the time, with a little more info in my hands, to let you know what is going on...???
There has been serious issues going on in the digital world, some big brand sites are down, some stores, forums, galleries and more aren´t working right. There has been a major shout down by a Webhost and all the sites working with that server, one by one are having troubles, they´re down or just working fine for a few hours and then down again. A lot of designers have been affected by this, a lot of store owners, are hand tied and without answers... We´ll have to wait until this settle down, some decide to change web host or everything is fixed and working fine again!!!
By the moment here are the situation on my stores...
DigitalScrapInk - down
Designs in Digital - down
SunshineStudioScraps - up and running.
DigiScraps Drive-Inn - up and running.

I´ll let you know when everything is up and running again or if there is any change.



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